[Infographic] Do Hotels Know What Meeting Planners Really Want in Promotions?

Marketing used to be an art. You went with what your gut and experience told you would work. Today, marketing is a science based on data. To be great at it (and sales), you must know the data behind the actions you want people to take.

Recently, my company (Cvent) surveyed event and meeting planners to find out what they truly value in concessions and amenities. We wanted to figure out what promotions would resonate the most with them based on data. We had our assumptions and some qualitative measures to back them up. But we were missing true quantitative analytics.

To make the data easy to consume (and share), we turned the numbers into a beautiful infographic. Check it out below and click on the infographic to receive a special Promotions Hub offer from Cvent:

Hotel Planner Marketing Infographic

I wanted to share with you what I learned from the survey.

My biggest takeaway was that 95% of planners look for a promotion while sourcing. If you’re a hotel or even a Destination Marketing Organization, and you don’t have promotions prominent (for instance on Cvent’s Promotions Hub), you’re missing out on a big opportunity to stand out from your competitors. That statistic told us that planners no longer see a promotion as a bonus. They expect to see them as a standard part of their research.

Written by Josh Davis.

Written by Cvent Guest