Upcoming Webinar: How To Get Support With Your Cvent Account

The first day at a new company can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. With so many new faces and processes, it might be hard to keep things straight. We know that on-boarding the Cvent platform can feel the same way, but with the help of our Client Services team you will have great support through the process.

With copious amounts of information on the Cvent platform, our free webinar will teach you how to leverage your Cvent Account Team. You will learn top tips on how to get the most success from your Cvent account.

There Is Always Customer Support

There are over 700 people behind the customer support efforts at Cvent, so there is always someone to get in touch with for your account. Client Success Lead Alli Smith guides Cvent users through the platform with ease. “Depending on the complexity of your account, you might have a consultative resource who guides you through the implementation and set-up of your first event launch,” says Smith. “Client Success Consultants and Strategic Account Consultants are committed to understanding your specific needs to ensure success when you’re utilizing the Cvent platform.”

Want To Learn About More Resources?

Attend our free webinar to learn about the resources that are available to you as an appreciated Cvent customer.

WEBINAR: How to Leverage Your Cvent Account Team

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