7 Steps To Sell Your Execs On A Meetings Management Program

For years, the implementation of a strategic meetings management (SMM) program has been the go-to solution for reducing costs,  gaining visibility, and ensuring compliance  around events and meetings at organizations. Yet, on a whole, adoption levels are low outside the Fortune 100. Many point to the difficulty of gaining buy-in from executives as the primary reason for not implementing a program.

With this in mind, we’ve developed a seven-step process to keep you on track, develop a successful business case, and implement a meetings management program (or grow an existing program) – a process that will ultimately help you in gaining executive buy-in for your program:

Step 1: Understand the reason for a strategic meetings management (SMM) implementation at your organization

Step 2: Develop a formal meeting policy – mandated or non-mandates

Step 3: Estimate the potential cost savings and financial impact

Step 4: Develop a formal business case to present to executives

Step 5: Communicate the plan internally to ensure program adoption

Step 6: Develop an estimated program timetable

Step 7: Implement a technology tool


For anyone that’s ready to get started now, Cvent developed the Meetings Starter Kit, which contains numerous resources to guide you through each step of this process. 


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This content was originally posted on blog.cvent.com in 2014. It has been updated with new insights for 2017 programs. 


Madeline Hessel

Written by Madeline Hessel

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