Your Meetings Management Program: Implementing Technology

The final piece of the meetings management puzzle is choosing and implementing technology. People often wonder why, even though I work for a technology company, we put this step last. That’s because, like your meetings program, you need to know your goals with technology in order to get the most out of it.

And to do that, implement in phases. You can purchase the entire suite upfront, but take steps with implementation. Those steps can be as slow or as fast as you need them to be, and by focusing on one piece and truly learning it, you’re more likely to gain adoption with your new technology system.

Cvent’s technology can be purchased in modules to help you achieve various goals of your meetings management program:

  • Meetings Management Module or a meeting registration form helps you to capture meeting activity and get the visibility you need into meeting volume while also automating an approval process.
  • Cvent Supplier Network or eRFP and venue sourcing solution helps to automate the sourcing and budgeting process. A centralized sourcing solution helps to standardize meeting contracts and identify savings opportunities.
  • Attendee Management or online event registration software helps your manage your event attendees, including integrating event registration with travel booking for a consistent travel and meetings process.
  • CrowdCompass event mobile apps allow for on-site attendee engagement as well as huge reduction in event costs by eliminating the need for printing paper for use on-site.

To learn more about leveraging Cvent meeting management software to drive your meetings management program, get in touch with our team.


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This content was originally posted on in 2014. 


Madeline Hessel

Written by Madeline Hessel

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