The Power of Event Influencers

DFYNB Ep. 6 – Event Influencers with Lisa Marcyes of Marketo

On today’s show: harnessing the power of event influencers.

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Until recently, I knew next to nothing about influencer marketing. I figured it boiled down to paying celebrities to talk about your brand on social media.

Fortunately, Lisa Marcyes set me straight. Lisa Marcyes is the Senior Social Media Marketing Manager at Marketo, and she called into the show to talk about influencer marketing and why it’s important for events.

Influencer marketing plays an essential role in developing engaging content for events – from choosing the right keynote speaker, to ensuring that your breakout sessions are relevant, cutting edge, and deliver a message consistent with your corporate brand.

Lisa shares her tips on identifying influencers and where to find them, how to leverage people within your organization, and how to discover who your attendees are already following. We talk about credibility and how you can distinguish a true influencer from a pretender with a large twitter following; the importance of reciprocity in an influencer relationship; and how to leverage an influencer’s social following. After all, we often choose speakers and keynotes for our events because they are known experts in their fields. People listen to them. But how do we get them to talk about us?

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