DFYNB Ep. 9 – Think Like a CMO with John Ellett of nFusion

On today’s show – a CMO perspective on events and marketing.

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I recently spoke with John Ellett, Founder and CEO of nFUSION, an agency that’s helped Samsung, Microsoft and other leading companies to drive demand. John’s also the author of The CMO Manifesto: A 100-day Action Plan for Marketing Change Agents and a contributor to the Forbes CMO Network.

I’ve long wanted to get more insight into what it’s like to lead a marketing organization. Marketing executives are in the tough position to balance what seem to me like opposing priorities, and I found it intriguing to hear John talk about it. 

John has written extensively about being a marketing leader and about event marketing. Like a lot of guests we’ve had on the show, John sees event marketing following a similar path that digital marketing has traveled. When the tools became available to track and measure the performance of digital marketing tactics, digital marketers responded by becoming more disciplined and strategic. That’s because you could now see which tactics were working and which weren’t. Events are now undergoing a similar transformation. We now have tools to track and measure attendee engagement at every step of an event, and that mean event producers are becoming more strategic when planning and promoting events.

John also talks about his experience writing about the executive experience and some thing’s he’s learned along the way. We talk about the qualities that make a good CMO, and how marketers and event professionals can better collaborate with executives.

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