Let’s feel better about GDPR

Hospitality Industry

The General Data Protection Regulation is a big deal for all businesses. If you’re responsible for marketing a hotel chain, individual property or any  event venue, it’s critical. For you, a data breach would damage your revenue and your...

Need Some Tips for Event Promotion? Here are the Essentials

Event Marketing Events

Live events are powerful. And they don’t have to be budget drainers — they can actually be big money-makers for your organisation. In fact, recent Forrester research shows that successful organisations allocate nearly 25%...

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What do EMEA Planners Really Think? Cvent’s 2018 Global Planner Sourcing Report is now available

Featured Hospitality

Hotel professionals are always on a look out for the latest insights to understand what really matters to meeting and event planners when sourcing event venues. what influences the...

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