Engage Event Attendees

How to engage your attendees after the event?

Your event is finally over. The attendees have left the venue and your organising team is packing up for the day. But as the head event organiser, are you really done with the event? No! Now is the time to collate and analyse the digital breadcrumbs and behavioural patterns exhibited by your attendees to create


The Beginner’s Guide to Better Networking During an Event

Getting in touch with vendors, investors and clients has never been as easy as it is today. With a slew of technology at our disposal, reaching out to your contacts is just an email or video call away. However, despite all the advancements in communication technology, nothing beats the power of face-to-face connections. Events like

Planner Personality Webinar

Your Personality Can Help Create More Personal Attendee Experiences

Did you know that every person has six fundamental human needs? That doesn’t mean we’re all the same, though. Our unique personality is driven by a distinctive mix of the six basic needs. Why is that important? Because when we understand our personality, we can double down on what we’re good at and gain a

Attendee Questions

The Best Ways to Answer Attendee Questions

No matter how much information you put up on your event website, your attendees will still have some queries. Your website might even have an extensive FAQ section, but that isn’t always enough. Even in today’s digital world, your attendees aren’t afraid to pick up the phone to get their questions answered. Attendee support can

Planning Moments With and Without Phones

Smartphones, for all the good they do, are changing the way we experience life. The next time you’re at a restaurant, look around. You’re likely to spot many large groups of people sitting around tables, all silently flipping through their phones. Instead of being a way to catch up and connect, such gatherings usually dissolve

Better breakouts

Building Better Breakouts

Breakouts are one of the most powerful vehicles for engaging participants at business meetings and conferences. A common pitfall is turning them into mini-keynotes and missing out on the opportunity to provide targeted and truly interactive content for your audience. In this blog, we’ll explore strategies for designing effective and interactive breakouts. Two popular formats

special meals

Special Meals Should Be No Surprise

Nowadays at events, there is more demand for special meals than ever before. Attendees come with all types of allergies, preferences, religious duties, doctor’s orders etc. Event managers should have a process in place for dealing with special meal requests in advance. Last-minute requests can throw off the catering staff, as they may have to

Designing Gala Events

10 Tips for Designing Gala Events That Sparkle

Tuxedos, lace, the swish of taffeta, and the clink of champagne glasses: these are the undisputable markers of galas and glamorous balls. But behind the glitz and glamour of every gala is tons of hard work put in by event organisers. If you’re looking to pull out all the stops and design an unforgettable gala,

Getting it Right When You’re Onsite

Meeting planning is stressful enough without leaving onsite check-in to chance on the first day of your event. For many meeting and event organisers, the arrival of delegates is a nerve-wracking experience – this after the months it takes to organise the event. Research even shows that delegates themselves find the prospect of checking in