10 Reasons Social Media Matters for Today’s Event Organiser

In the event industry, people have always been social by nature – whether establishing personal connections at live events, understanding a client’s meeting objectives, or negotiating business deals with vendors. It’s...

Generation Z Event Planners

5 Things You Need to Know About Attendee Engagement

‘Attendee Engagement’. It’s a term much bandied about in the meetings and events industry. Very often, it’s the catch-all benefit that event technology vendors will dangle in front of you. But what does ‘attendee engagement’ really mean? How do you measure it? And how do you get more of it? Know what attendee engagement means

Debunking the Myths Around Strategic Meetings Management

Every once in a while, we hear some chatter (repeated time and again) around Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) and we’ve realised it’s time we dispel a few myths. SMM is the evolving practice of applying sound business practices to the enterprise-wide management of meetings and events. SMM as a methodology has seen tremendous growth and development

Out with the Old, in with the New (Event Tools)

Too often, event managers add unnecessary and easily avoidable stress into their lives by using outdated event planning tools. Although these tools may once have been state-of-the-art, event technology is rapidly evolving and making old tools obsolete. If you want to be able to keep up and impress your attendees, then it’s time to update

Join us for some Chocolate, Wine and Networking!

Are you ready for our wine and chocolate tasting reception, taking place at the newly refurbished Devonshire Terrace in London, on Thursday 22 March 2018? Join us at this remarkable space in the heart of the city to enjoy a wonderful evening of networking with event industry professionals, whilst sampling fantastic wines paired with some sumptuous

Tips for Evaluating Mobile Event App Providers

Get Prepared for GDPR – Part 2

Ever looked at a deadline that is months away and told yourself there’s loads of time to think about it? In fact, that’s probably what you thought when you first heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union’s updated privacy regulation, which takes effect 25 May 2018. Even now, it’s still months

You’re Invited to Cvent’s London Seminars!

Pre-event anxiety often stems from an organiser’s uncertainty about the unexpected. As an event manager, your job involves coordinating what seems like a million different things in a short time. At times like these, even basic tasks like sending invitations, keeping track of attendees, and arranging venue and catering can seem like an arduous undertaking.

Why You Need to Bridge the Event Data Gap

In an era when artificial intelligence is taking the front seat, data-driven meetings and events have become imperative to customise and personalise the attendee experience. Event professionals know that by collecting more data and integrating an attendee’s digital engagement with their physical footprint at an event, they can now craft targeted, personalised messaging, provide better

Get Prepared for GDPR

Personal data is, without a doubt, one of the most prized resources in today’s world. According to The Economist, personal data has a place even ahead of oil, because of the way it helps organisations “communicate with their customers and how it positively impacts customer experience”. The internet and cloud technology has created ingenious ways

Event Technology Upgrades You’ll Need in 2018

Recent technology trends have completely changed the face of the MICE industry. By adopting these latest event technology upgrades, event organisers can ensure to deliver exceptional events and stand out from the crowd. Here are the top trends you should watch out for in 2018:   1. The Event Technology of the Moment – Artificial