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Pre-event anxiety often stems from an organiser’s uncertainty about the unexpected. As an event manager, your job involves coordinating what seems like a million different things in a short...

Why You Need to Bridge the Event Data Gap

In an era when artificial intelligence is taking the front seat, data-driven meetings and events have become imperative to customise and personalise the attendee experience. Event professionals know that by collecting more data and integrating an attendee’s digital engagement with their physical footprint at an event, they can now craft targeted, personalised messaging, provide better

Get Prepared for GDPR

Personal data is, without a doubt, one of the most prized resources in today’s world. According to The Economist, personal data has a place even ahead of oil, because of the way it helps organisations “communicate with their customers and how it positively impacts customer experience”. The internet and cloud technology has created ingenious ways

Event Technology Upgrades You’ll Need in 2018

Recent technology trends have completely changed the face of the MICE industry. By adopting these latest event technology upgrades, event organisers can ensure to deliver exceptional events and stand out from the crowd. Here are the top trends you should watch out for in 2018:   1. The Event Technology of the Moment – Artificial

Getting it Right When You’re Onsite

Meeting planning is stressful enough without leaving onsite check-in to chance on the first day of your event. For many meeting and event organisers, the arrival of delegates is a nerve-wracking experience – this after the months it takes to organise the event. Research even shows that delegates themselves find the prospect of checking in

(Fund) Raising the Bar: The Value of Event Tech for Non-Profits

Limited budgets, fluctuating staff sizes, lack of time — if you’re a professional working for a non-profit organisation, you’re likely faced with a myriad of challenges, most of which are centred around reaching fundraising goals year after year. A tried-and-tested way meeting and event organisers in the non-profit world employ to reach these goals is

It’s Time to Double Down on the Social Strategy at Your Events

Your delegates are on a wild ride, scrambling from one session or activity to the next, trying to network and capture as much value as they can. They’re sitting in ballrooms, managing disruptions coming from as many as four screens: smartphone, tablet, laptop as well as audio visual at the event. Delegates move about from

Get Ahead of Stress This Holiday Season

Holidays should be a time filled with laughter and joy, but, more often than not, the days or weeks off for break can lead to greater stress. When you work in the events industry, that stress can be monumental. After all, event planning is considered one of the most stressful jobs out there. The constant

How to Draw VIPs to Your Event

Getting VIPs to attend your event has its perks all right, but getting them to tick ‘Yes’ on your invite can be quite a task in itself. And even if they attend your event once, there’s no telling if they would come again. Here are a few tips to attract VIP attendees to your events

Why Small Means Big

Small doesn’t always mean easy. Take events, for example. A small event does not necessarily translate to a simple event. No matter what the size, event organisers have to work round-the-clock to ensure all elements of their events are executed smoothly. They work hard to achieve even the simplest of outcomes. Which is why, for