Virtual Experience Economy 2020

The Big Trend for 2020: the Virtual Experience Economy

According to IBTM World’s Trends Watch report 2019, the Virtual Experience Economy is the next iteration of the Experience Economy and will accelerate the merger of digital and live events in 2020. However, as current trends suggest, virtual experiences have already been embraced as the new normal, with event planners pivoting towards virtual events to

Using Venue Sourcing Tool

Why a venue sourcing tool will always be crucial for your events

Finding the ideal event venue is one of the most critical decisions you need to make as an event organiser. A gorgeous venue at a great location that’s easily accessible can be the biggest draw for your event. While current challenges and changing circumstances may deter people from meeting up physically, live events will continue

Risk Management for Event Planning

Risk Management for Event Planning: What to Do When a Crisis Strikes

By Madison Layman The meeting and event industry is no stranger to crisis. Natural disasters, political unrest, health scares, or an unimaginable act can happen at any time, anywhere in the world. Event organisers must be prepared to pivot and act quickly. You’ve likely dealt with one-off event disruptions for years, and hopefully have a

Virtual Events Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events in 2020

By Madison Layman The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away, but there are times when going virtual is a necessary part of your event programme. But how do you turn a multi-day conference, filled with networking opportunities, educational sessions, and the attendee insights they generate into a virtual one? And once you do,

Festivalisation fever - exploring new event experiences

Event Festivalisation – exploring new attendee experiences

With Glastonbury set to celebrate its 50th anniversary on Worthy Farm in Somerset this year and with almost five million people visiting a UK music festival each and every summer, the popularity of the immersive festival experience has never been higher. In the past few years, event planners have sought to learn and steal from

Newness strategy for events

Is it time to implement a newness strategy for your events?

Why do events fail? According to Sam North, founder of Inflection Point Coaching & Consulting, one reason is that planners usually wait until the maturity point in an event’s life-cycle before considering any sort of significant change. Speaking at International Confex, Sam described how organisers ride the upward curve of launching and growing their event

Event technologist

The Rise of the Event Technologist: Crucial For your Event’s Success?

The role of an event organiser has become mind-bogglingly broad in its scope. From selecting venues, food, speakers, room layouts, DJs, and managing the budget to laying out an effective marketing plan, event organisers must ensure all aspects of the event come together. This means long hours of slogging it out, dealing with multiple clients


Sustainable Events: Biggest Challenge for Event Professionals in 2020?

Event Academy’s 2020 Event Industry and Trend Report is now live. Taken from professionals working across different sectors in the events industry, we believe it provides a valuable cross-section of opinion. One significant change in this year’s report is the rise of sustainable events. Seemingly out of nowhere, sustainability has become the number one challenge