Cvent Celebrity Hall of Fame Awards, 2019

Welcoming 2020 and reflecting on 2019 in Cvent Celebrity It’s been an incredible year for Cvent Celebrity, Cvent’s customer loyalty programme. In 2019, Cvent Celebrity welcomed over 3,000 new...

Live events to improve marketing

How Live Events Benefit Your Marketing Strategy

For any organisation, building and strengthening relationships with your target audience should be the ultimate end goal of your marketing strategy. It’s through these relationships that the organisation meets other goals such as sales, repeat product or service use and brand advocacy. An essential step in this relationship-building journey is regular dialogue. The fast pace

Why You Are Not Achieving Event Success

Why You Are Not Achieving Event Success? – 7 Symptoms and Causes

You have put a lot of time, money and effort in organising your event, but the result doesn’t turn out as expected. From a lacklustre audience response and low engagement to poor-quality leads and below-par ROI, your event can underperform on several counts. This can significantly impact your case to execute live events such as

2019 Recap Top 10 Cvent Blogs Event Organisers

2019 Recap: Top 10 Cvent Blogs for Event Organisers

As we enter the new year with renewed hope, energy and resolutions, it is time to reflect back and look at some of our most popular blog posts of 2019. Based on the total views and engagement these posts received through the year, this list of top 10 Cvent blogs highlights new ideas, tips, technologies,

Guide to Event App Adoption

The Complete Guide to Increasing Event App Adoption

Mobile event apps have become an integral part of the modern event planning strategy. When it comes to large events, attendees not only look for mobile events apps, but expect them. From driving pre-event conversations to providing networking opportunities and real-time feedback, these apps offer a myriad of benefits to enhance your event and make

The Attendee Journey in Five Steps

During Cvent Connect 2019, Gaby Proctor, Cvent’s Business Development Executive outlined the attendee journey in five steps, suggesting ways to deliver and capitalise on the delegate experience along the way.  Step One: Registration More often, the point at which an attendee registers for a particular event is the very first interaction point between delegate and

Are you milking it? Using Knowledge to Generate Success

Following the success of Lara Morgan’s keynote speech at Cvent CONNECT Europe 2019, I caught up with Lara to thank her and find out how she found the event. True to her style, she was keen to express how much she merely wanted people to take something useful away from her talk. Completely humble about

Cvent Celebrity

Cvent Celebrity Insider – Q&A With a Cvent Celebrity

Hear from a Celebrity on the ins, outs & everything there is to know about the Cvent Celebrity programme. In today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever to celebrate your customers, keep them engaged, and reward them for their loyalty. With this idea in mind, we created Cvent Celebrity in 2015, Cvent’s loyalty and rewards