3 Reasons Your Incentive Trip Needs a Mobile App

Incentive trips are all about connection. Recognising achievement. Motivating a team. Building memories and relationships that last for years. A mobile app can help you achieve all of these goals on your next incentive trip and more.

We’ve worked with a handful of our most experienced CrowdCompass customers who are also incentive trip planners to come up with a list of the most important ways a mobile event app can enhance incentive trips, and how you can communicate these features to your stakeholders.

1. Build Hype, Year After Year

What’s something everyone does on vacation? Take pictures! Share updates on social platforms. Make memories.

The activity feed of your mobile app is the heartbeat of your incentive trip. It is a real-time window into the experience (and fun!) your attendees are having. The app is a gallery for all of your attendees’ photos and updates.

The more hype you build about your incentive trip, the more it actually acts as an incentive and ensures that the team that stayed home will be trying even harder to get invited the following year.

2. Keep Your Group in the Right Place At the Right Time

What’s the key to a successful incentive trip? Making sure everyone has what they need to have a memorable time.

A mobile app gives your group access to interactive maps, information about the city they’re visiting, and a personalised schedule of the entire trip – so they can show up to the right place on time.

Push notifications within the app allow you to communicate quickly with everyone in your group. Every night send a push notification to remind your group about the activities for the following morning. Change of plans? Emergency warning? Use push notifications to manage your group on the fly.

3. Recognition and Motivation

A mobile app helps you recognise top performers – create special icons within the app for each of your five highest achievers. Show their pictures, brief bios, and stats. Not only will that serve as motivation for the rest of your group, but it is also a powerful piece of recognition for your hardworking superstars.

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Written by Mansi Soni