The Perks of Being a Cvent Celebrity

Cvent Celebrity (formerly Cvent Advocates) is a loyalty and rewards programme for star Cvent customers to learn, network, and complete challenges to win rewards. We have been working hard over the past few months to update the programme to create a more engaging experience for users whilst offering rewards that are more suited to you.

There is nothing worse than joining an advocates programme that offers you rewards that you don’t want or can’t use.  Whilst revamping the programme we thought about how we want our customers to feel. Our customers are the backbone of our business and we couldn’t do what we do without you. To put it simply…

I may not be a Cvent customer and though the program wasn’t built for me, I certainly do know my way around a good loyalty and rewards programme (lovin’ my Tesco Clubcard). Cvent Celebrity is one of those programs. The best thing about rewards and loyalty programs, besides the chance to get free things, is the opportunity to get insider information about new products, talk with like-minded customers, and learn more about the industry. Cvent Celebrity offers a chance to do all of that.

The Good

Ease of Use

The website is incredibly easy to use. It just underwent a major rebrand and looks clean and cohesive. Even if you aren’t the most technologically savvy, you’ll know how to use it. It truly is a celebrity experience.

The Better

Network of Planners

And from there, it only gets better. If you’ve been wondering how to reach a network of planners, you’re in the right spot. You have the opportunity to network with hundreds of planners who know their stuff. Not only that, the challenges prompt interaction and ask questions you want to know the answers to. Cvent Celebrities can share best practices and tips with each other. There’s always something new to learn.

Cvent Celebrity Talking

Product Updates

Cvent is constantly updating products to make them better than ever and Cvent Celebrity keeps you in the know. Whether it’s about newly published resources, like Event Management Technology for Dummies, or Project Flex news and updates, you won’t have to wonder what Cvent has been working on to make your experience the best it can be.

The Best


But not just the opportunity to be one of the most active users, it’s the rewards you get too. You complete challenges and Cvent rewards you for your time. I love all of the event focused challenges that give greater insight into Cvent products and capabilities.

Industry Content

All of the industry content you only ever dreamed of having access to, in one place. From Cvent webinars to blogs to industry articles from Skift, MPI, and more, it’s all there.

One Stop Shop

It isn’t hard to understand why this program is amazing. When it comes down to it, it’s everything. This program is more than just a traditional loyalty and rewards program. It’s a career resource that can help you build your brand as a Cvent expert. Not only is it helping you in your career, but it’s also fun and interactive. Cvent Celebrity is an incredible resource to leverage. It doesn’t hurt that you can win prizes, either.

If you are not yet a celebrity, sign up today right here.

Felicia Asiedu

Written by Felicia Asiedu

Felicia is a Content Marketing Manager at Cvent. She has over 10 years’ sales and marketing experience in technology, having worked for a combination of managed hosting and data centre providers and SaaS-based technology companies. She is passionate about marketers pushing the boundaries of technology to make their lives easier whilst personalising experiences through both digital and offline channels.